Transforming Meilan City into Shanghai’s premier dual-lake TOD hub: pioneering a fresh urban landscape
Source: shanghaibaoshan Author: Public Time: 2024-06-03 14:16

The Meilan Lake Sci-tech Innovation Area will undergo comprehensive enhancement through the accumulation of regional momentum, strong desire from surrounding citizens, robust support from Transit-Oriented Development(TOD), and the empowerment of dual-lakeside ecology.


According to the 2024 lineup of new businesses set to launch, CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza stands out as the sole entrant positioned in close proximity to the lake and a sprawling park. Renowned for its distinctive brand associated with Meilan Lake, this establishment not only enjoys a prime location but also boasts seamless connectivity to the Meilan Lake Station of Metro Line 7 — one of the only two lakeside metro stations in Shanghai. By offering a picturesque setting in northern Shanghai's Meilan Lake business district and driving commercial revitalization across the wider northern Baoshan, it serves as a pivotal hub for a new era of growth and development.

-Prominent companies have successively become involved-

The overall upgrade of Meilan Lake business district is in progress


Following North Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park and Baoshan Medicine Valley, functional industrial projects like Meilan City and MAX Science and Technology Park are slated for completion this year. This development will create an industrial hub spanning 400,000 square meters dedicated to office research and development, alongside 200,000 square meters allocated for commercial purposes. Consequently, it is set to become a key driver in regional commercial advancement.


By positioning CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza as the starting point, and through the establishment of pharmaceutical, biological, and high-end equipment enterprises at North Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, a significant momentum will be generated to propel future business development.


The integration of a sizable residential community on the west side and a vibrant cultural tourism, sports, and leisure area on the east side (including the upcoming opening of West Meilan Lake Park) is poised to attract a significant influx of young, discerning consumers. The surrounding vicinity boasts 370,000 permanent residents within a 5km radius, with individuals aged 25 to 35 comprising the primary demographic. Notably, young families and single patrons represent a substantial segment of this population. Looking ahead, forthcoming real estate developments will prioritize providing enhanced housing options tailored to the evolving needs of these demographics, further catalyzing the migration of young families into the area. Consequently, the commercial prospects in this locale hold promising potential for growth and prosperity.


In addition to Meilan Lake and parks, CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza is a rare lakeside TOD shopping mall. It is situated next to the city’s distinctive “dual-lake” green space - comprised of Meilan Lake and West Meilan Lake - and boasts a scarce combination of a rail transit terminal and bus transfer hub.


The CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza project establishes strategic connections across key transportation nodes, enhancing accessibility and connectivity for both commuters and residents. The plaza not only seamlessly integrates with Meilan Lake Station of Metro Line 7 but also provides convenient access to the north-south main road, Hutai Highway, and the S7 Huchong Expressway, effectively linking the suburban ring with the outer ring. Furthermore, the inclusion of a P+R welfare parking lot and the operation of four bus lines serve to extend the reach of rail transit services to areas currently underserved (such as Luodian, Luojing, and Yuepu), paving the way for potential commercial growth. This comprehensive infrastructure network not only fosters local economic development but also expands its influence to neighboring regions like Taicang, known for its robust economic profile as one of the top 100 counties in the north. Overall, the project’s extensive radiation capabilities drive growth in all directions.


Other benefits around Meilan Lake continue to flourish. The development of the Meteorological Sports Park, West Meilan Lake Four-Star Hotel, and West Meilan Lake Cultural Center has been completed. Additionally, the Nordic-style street has welcomed a plethora of popular restaurants and high-quality stores like Dayin Bookmall, Himaxx, and One Step. As a result, the business district's popularity is steadily increasing.

-Revolutionizing the rail transit lakeside business model-

From multiple first-floors to wide corridors to activate new possibilities for business scenarios


CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza, boasting a vast commercial space spanning 135,000 square meters, stands out as a pioneering TOD complex at the rail transit terminal in north Shanghai and has earned the distinction of being the largest and most exquisite regional shopping center to grace Baoshan in recent years. Through strategic scene creation, this plaza capitalizes on the inherent advantages of TOD to introduce a groundbreaking approach to metro-centric commercial activities and shopping experiences.

Enhanced commercial value through doubling first-floor opportunities


The project spans across 145,000 square meters in total area, encompassing both above-ground and underground construction areas totaling about 700,000 square meters. It comprises eight plots. Building upon the original urban context, the project embraces the planning layout of a “one central ring with two intersecting axes”, seamlessly integrating the eight plots into an interconnected whole.

Among them, the self-sustained commercial section is segregated into four parts by the roads: the third phase comprises plots 5 and 7, designated as a commercial street with a ceiling, while the fourth phase consists of plots 6 and 8, which form an indoor mall. These four parcels showcase various architectural forms with diverse contents. Among them, the ground floor of plot 6 is located adjacent to the main road of the project, while the second and third floors are in direct proximity to the metro station. This strategic positioning enables quick access for commuters. Additionally, collaborating with high-image and powerful brand tenants enhances the overall ambience, culminating in an upscale environment embodying the innovative multiple first-floor concept.

Enhancing corridor accessibility and convenience through improved width and design


The four shopping malls of CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza are interconnected through a network of corridors. Specifically, plots 5 and 6 as well as 7 and 8 are linked by second-floor corridors. Additionally, corridors on the B1 and L2-L4 floors of buildings 6 and 8 provide further connectivity. This system not only enhances accessibility and convenience for visitors within the four buildings but also sustains the dynamic flow of foot traffic throughout the shopping complex.

The ultra-wide corridor space serves as the quintessential embodiment of the cold zone’s themed design. Enriched with multi-point shops, leisure pendulum facilities, an indoor skate park, and special exhibitions, it not only enhances the visitor experience but also captivates a diverse audience, drawing in increased customers. The integration of commercial elements within the corridor space can enhance the cohesive nature of the four buildings, offering flexibility for accommodating future commercial endeavors.


CIMC-Melan Lake Gemdale Plaza has meticulously designed the grand staircase and plaza at L3 of plot 6. The vibrant and artistic theater-style steps provide a perfect spot for relaxation or enjoying performances. These features, along with the lush greenery and unique paving design, come together to cultivate a sense of elegance and ambiance in the elevated open plaza. Additionally, a picturesque flow pool is available for visitors to capture memorable photos.


Connecting with the metro station is a critical factor for the mall to attract foot traffic, leading to increased customer engagement. Consequently, various TOD businesses stemming from this connectivity will gain immense popularity. As the newest iteration of rail transit terminal TOD establishments, CIMC-Meilan Lake Gemdale Plaza is poised to unlock significant commercial opportunities.

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