Spring Festival Couplets Delivering New Year Blessings in Advance
Source: shanghaibaoshan Author: Public Time: 2020-01-17 17:45

“Writing Spring Festival Couplets to Send Blessings” is a traditional custom in the Spring Festival. On January 6, Baoshan District Federation of Trade Unions held the “Bringing Spring Festival Couplets Home” activity to deliver the New Year atmosphere to migrant workers in advance. Wang Liyan, Deputy Chairman of the Baoshan District People’s Congress Standing Committee and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of Baoshan District Federation of Trade Unions, was present at the event.

The Youyi Road Sub-district  Social Organization  Service Center was bustling in the morning. Calligraphers of China Calligraphers Association, Shanghai Calligraphers Association and Baoshan Calligraphers Association took up the writing brush to write Spring Festival couplets.


Zong Guomei is a public toilet cleaner. To allow her colleagues to go home and reunion with their family, she changed shifts with them and thus should be on duty for 4 days during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday. At site, she asked the calligrapher to write two couplets about home and planned to send them home. “One is for my parents and the other is for my parents-in-law. I cannot go home during the Spring Festival holiday but I want them to enjoy a happy holiday.”


Apart from couplets sending traditional Spring Festival blessings, those related to the Year of Mouse were also welcomed. One calligrapher has perfectly combined the image of a mouse with the Chinese character “福”, meaning the Year of Mouse is coming with blessings. And Su Jie who comes from Anhui Province and serves as a security guard in Shanghai just got one of this character. Su Jie has not come home for a year as he was busy with work and it costs a lot to go home, and he missed his daughter and son very much. “I’ve not seen them for over a year. 2020 is the Year of Mouse, and they would be very happy when receiving the character ‘福’ with the image of a Mickey Mouse.”


The activity has sent out over 300 couplets for more than 200 migrants and the organizer also presented a Spring Festival gift pack to the representative of migrant workers in Baoshan.

This activity is one of the 2020 Culture Benefiting People Programs of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions. The Baoshan District Federation of Trade Unions will carry out several other activities of this kind before the Spring Festival and it is expected to give out a total of 6,000 couplets to migrant workers in Baoshan.