Building of District Convergence Media Center Launched
Source: shanghaibaoshan Author: Public Time: 2019-08-19 15:45


On the afternoon of August 2, the mobilization meeting of building Baoshan District Convergence  Media Center is held. The meeting aims to fully implement the requirements and deployments put forward by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Shanghai Committee and the CPC Baoshan District Committee on boosting the building of the district convergence media center, further make an unified thought, specify a goal and cement relevant measures, and accelerate all the work items. The meeting also marks that the construction of the center is launched in an overall manner and enters a substantial stage. Zhao Yi, Standing Member and Publicity Director of the CPC District Committee, attends and delivers a mobilization speech.


Zhao says that strengthening the building of the district convergence media center is a task deployed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, a work item which the CPC Shanghai Committee attaches high importance to, and a major reform to be vigorously promoted by the CPC District Committee. We should make a unified thought, elevate our stand, deeply recognize the importance, necessity, urgency of building the center, and solidly speed up it. And we should bring out our strengths to make up for our weaknesses, in a bid to form a resultant force (1+1+1>3). We should continuously give full play to the advantages of newspapers, TV stations and internet media, and implement a strategy of integrated operation. After the establishment, the center should realize a “chemical” integration. Moreover, we should specify the goal, grasp the key points, strive for practical effects, steadily and orderly realize the institutional integration, coordinate and fuel relevant project construction, concentrate our strength for developing new media products, and cultivate convergence media talents. All the personnel of the district’s newspapers, TV stations and internet media should assume their duties and do practical things, so as to guarantee the early completion of the center and accomplish the task given by Xi Jinping.

According to the Implementation Scheme of Building Baoshan District Convergence Media Center discussed and approved the CPC District Committee’s Standing Committee Meeting on July 29, the to-be-built center will deeply integrate institutions, contents, channels, platforms, personnel, operation and management by building a leadership team, a journalist group, a production process and an assessment system. Through the “Central Kitchen” command and dispatching system, the 7 sections of planning, interview, editing, examination, publication and broadcast, assessment and monitoring will be coordinated to get through the whole process of all-media production, in addition to make the “News + Government Affairs + Service” App.

At the meeting, officials of the publicity department of the CPC district committee introduced the construction of the center. Also attending the meeting are the leadership teams of the district’s newspapers, TV stations and internet media and relevant employees.

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