100 New-era Civilization Practice Stations in Dachang Unveiled
Source: shanghaibaoshan Author: Public Time: 2020-09-27 16:28

People in hundreds of industries gather in Dachang Town, while civilization flourishes in hearts. On the morning of September 17, Dachang held the unveiling ceremony of 100 new-era civilization practice stations for the oncoming 18th National Civic Ethics Day, including a town-level sub-center, three regional functional rooms and 96 village and neighborhood practice stations. On the same day, the first batch of city-level, district-level and town-level 50 volunteer service projects, which successfully docked with the village and neighborhood practice stations, was also released. It was estimated that more than 200 volunteers would participate in these projects, benefiting at least 20,000 people. Zhao Yi, Standing Member and Publicity Director of the CPC District Committee, attended the activity and unveiled the new-era civilization practice sub-center of Dachang Town.


Civilization is the soul and business card of a region and an important symbol of the social progress. Under the strong leadership of the district Party committee and the district government, Dachang has organically integrated the building of spiritual civilization into the regional economic development, social governance, cultural prosperity and livelihood guarantee in recent years. From the coronovirus epidemic prevention and control to the comprehensive promotion of resumption of work, production and market operation, from the pilot construction of smart communities to the exploration and promotion of the "handling all online" mechanism, from the garbage classification demonstration to the community governance innovation, from the transformation of beautiful homes to the large-scale supplementary installation of elevators and from the building of the national civilized district and the national sanitary city and the environmental protection supervision to the frugality campaign and the publicity of the trendy diligent and thrifty style, all the Party members and the cadres at all levels spared no effort in working, the volunteers from all walks of life did their best to improve, and the masses in residential areas actively participated in and strongly supported.  Tang Lijun, Su Jincheng, Zheng Minyuan, Zhao Qin, Jiang Kongti and other pioneers and civilized models emerged. They were awarded the 400 National Excellent Volunteer Projects, Shanghai Civilized Town and other honors.


Building a civilization practice center in the new era is a major decision-making arrangement and an important political task made by the Party Central Committee, and is also a systematic project to continuously improve the people's ideological awareness, moral standard, civilization quality and the civilization level of the whole society. In recent years, as an important economic and educational town in Baoshan, the mission of Dachang is to hold the banner, gather the hearts of the people, cultivate new people, develop the culture and show the image. With the efforts of the whole town, the building of the civilization practice sub-center in the new era and its stations have been solidly boosted, and the "last kilometer" project of publicizing, educating and serving the masses has been finished.


We built 100 civilized practice stations at three levels. Focusing on the resonance of civilization practice with economic development, cultural prosperity and the people's livelihood guarantee, Dachang will establish a "1 + 3 + 96" three-level 100 civilization practice stations. "1" represents the new-era civilization practice sub-center in Dachang in the form of Wenshui Road and guided by the regional Party building, with an exhibition space of 1,300 square meters. "3" means the regional offices located in Hucheng Business Circle in Dahua, Dachang Culture and Sports Center and Qilian Community Affairs Acceptance Center based on the basic functions of media communication, voluntary service and public-welfare activities. "96" is the new-era civilization practice stations in 86 neighborhood committees and 10 villages. The new-era civilization practice sub-center of the town is headed by the chief of the town Party committee, and the town mayor is the first deputy director. The work of the sub-center will be included in the performance appraisal of the Party and government teams and officials and cadres, in the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the ideological responsibility system, in the community development plan, and in the annual publicity and the community work budget.


The "four colors and five levels" volunteer service mechanism is to be promoted. At present, there are more than 52,000 registered volunteers, which will be incorporated into the volunteer service teams of red Party members, yellow mass-group members, green civilization and orange safety. The chief of the town Party committee is the team leaders, and the town mayor is the executive deputy team leaders. According to an array of factors such as service duration, quality and effect, social feedbacks and brand influence, the "'Five-level Grading Evaluation Management System for Town Volunteers" will be implemented, and incentive methods including star rating and point exchange will be actively explored. All kinds of advanced models of voluntary service will be included in the scope of evaluation. The volunteer teams and the activities organized by them will be designed and managed in a unified way.

Building new-era civilized practice stations is an important carrier to promote Xi Jinping's China characteristic socialist ideology in the new era to settle down in the people's hearts. It is an urgent need to strengthen and improve ideological and political work at the grass-roots level, and is a practical way to satisfy the new expectations of the people's spiritual and cultural life. In Dachang, the 100 civilized practice stations are 100 flowers, which should be jointly watered and cared for a long time by all cadres and the masses; the flowers of civilization will bloom everywhere in the city, and good deeds will become everyone's habits, so that strong positive energy will cluster for building a beautiful home characterized by strength, happiness, quality, wisdom and peace.

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