Baoshan to construct an efficient service system

Construct an efficient service system and allow higher-quality well-off life shared by all


(13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of Baoshan District, Shanghai)



The vital work for people’s livelihood and social cause development are to be carried forward, based on a full-coverage, basis-guaranteed, multi-layered and sustainable balanced public service. The security and improvement for Baoshan people’s livelihood sits as the starting point for the district’s transformation. The basic public service system and the livelihood security system are set out to the fair, efficient, unified in both urban and rural areas, reasonably planned and with sufficient functions.


I. Deepen the basic public service system improvement

A basic public service list should be built. The government’s responsibility to guarantee people’s livelihood should be enhanced. A unified urban and suburban public service list should be built to make specific the objects and contents of the services, the guarantee standards, the financial channel and the coverage. The items listed and the standards should be adjusted dynamically so as to improve and expand as economy develops.

Innovate on the basic public service provision. The public resources should be distributed with a balance. Diversified public service provision should be expanded to more areas and in multiple layers. The market is to play its role in carrying out the change in provision mode. The government is also to cooperate with social capital and bring the latter into public-interest sector through PPP mode so as to raise efficiency. Sharing system should be built for public service resources to lift up the use efficiency of the service equipment and the information system.    


II. Constantly optimize the endowment service pattern

The endowment service pattern should be further improved by caring as home, depending on the community and using institutions as supplement and better complete the social endowment service system of service provision and guarantee, policy support, demand appraisal and industry supervision. By 2020, the beds for endowment will be 3.5 percent of the aged population in the district. Senior activity rooms will accumulate to 130. A reasonable, civilized and healthy way of endowment is advocated while old people are encouraged to learn and enjoy retired life. Younger aged people are encouraged to support help the older ones.


III. Effectively raise citizens’ health and medical service level

The public interest for basic medical service should be insisted. The basic medical health system covering all the urban as well as suburban residents should be established to provide safe, effective, fair and accessible basic public health service and basic medical service. The residents’ health indexes should reach the world’s advanced level.


IV. Strive to present a satisfying education for people 

Deepen the comprehensive education reform and positively build a “Tao Xingzhi Education Innovative Area”. The education in Baoshan shall be fair, quality and energetic to lay emphasis on the students’ sound growth and permanent development and to make people satisfied.


V. Keep completing the social security system

Complete the social insurance system. Developing for multiple-layer social insurance can speed up while social assistance system is to be completed and together form a multiple-layered sustainable social security system with larger coverage.

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