Baoshan to promote a higher level of urban-rural integration

Promote balanced and coordinated development and a higher level of urban-rural integration

(13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of Baoshan District, Shanghai)


Coordination is the inherent requirement of sustainable and healthy development. During the 13th Five-year period, Baoshan District shall adhere to coordinated development, drive function transition with space transformation, optimize the economical and intensive use of land with planning layout, promote both the urban development and “agriculture, the countryside and farmers” work, build a new system of balanced and coordinated development of urban-rural society and economy and aims to a higher level of urban-rural integration.  


I. Optimizing the spatial layout of urban-rural integration


Baoshan District shall promote function transformation to drive spatial transformation. Focusing on the functional layout of “One Belt, Two Axis and Three Zones”, it shall extend major functions of the “Two Axis” and promote integrated development of “Three Zones.”


To promote the development of the cruise and riverside areas, Baoshan will further coordinate “One Belt One Road” and Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy, adhere to district-port linkage, improve the regional planning, promote the development of cruise industry, MICE, and scientific innovation, R & D and modern logistics based on cruise port to build world-class international cruise homeport.


To improve the function planning, the district shall focus on key area construction. In the south area, N0.9 and No.10 areas of Shanghai International Port will be built into a northern gateway of Shanghai; focus on the construction of the cruise homeport in the middle Baoshan; build the core area of the cruise town into a function carrier of the international shipping center and promote the construction of basic and functional facilities of Luojing Cargo Port in northern Baoshan to improve the port’s shipping capacity. 


To promoting the construction of functional projects, the district shall push forward the construction of follow-up projects of Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port; promote the construction of on-land transportation center and green business center; improve the cruise homeport transportation management system; build riverside cultural corridor and make Baoshan riverside area an important window of Shanghai as a world-famous tourism city.


To extend the major functions of the “Two Axis”: Baoshan shall push forward integrated development of Songbao, Yangxing and Gucun areas along the Baoyang Road-Bao’an Road axis, accelerate the transformation of line-side industries, enhance the agglomeration, radiation and supporting function of the district’s middle area.


To enhancing the function of Hutai Road urban development axis, Baoshan shall extend the line-side comprehensive services along the urban expressway between low-carbon communities including Dachang, Gucun, Luodian and Luojing, promote regional group development to form an urban layout of series connection.


To promote the coordinated development of the "Three Zones": The district shall strengthen the classified instruction to build a clustered, polycentric, differentiated and intensive development pattern.


Sorthern Zone (the area on the north of Outer Ring): As a major urban area, the zone shall enhance its functions and improve its public service facilities. Development groups including Dachang group, Miaohang Zhangmiao group, Gaojing Songnan group, Baoshan City Industrial Park Group, riverside development group and Wusong Industrial Zone (South) group will form in the zone. The zone shall aim to enhance urban functions, improve living environment and life quality, and build a beautiful, harmonious and fully functioning urban community.


Middle Zone (the area between the Outer Ring and the Suburb Ring): The zone will focus on the integration of city and industry and boost the development of middle area by promoting key infrastructure construction, agglomeration of key industries as well as renewal of key urban areas.


Development groups including Songbao group, Yangxing group, Gucun group and Wusong Industrial Zone (North) group will form into a new urban spatial pattern, which will become an expanded part of Shanghai urban area as well as an important functional area of Baoshan’s development.


Northern Zone (the area on the north of the Suburb Ring): The zone shall promote urban-rural integration, improve infrastructure including regional transportation, accelerate the economic transformation of town areas, and also make improvements in living conditions, ecology and public service. Development groups including BaoSteel group, Luojing Port group, Baoshan Industrial Park group and three new town groups including Luodian, Luojing and Yuepu will form into being. The zone shall focus on the development of the riverside industrial area in north Baoshan and build BaoSteel zone, Luojing Port and Baoshan Industrial Park into high-end bases of manufacturing industry and modern logistics industry.


II. Building a new pattern of economical and intensive use of land with planning layout


Baoshan District shall adhere to intensive development, adopt "smart growth" and "compact city" concepts and strengthen scientificalness and feasibility of planning. The district shall revitalize and develop the stock land, give priority to ecology and promote the transformation of economic and social development by changing the way of land use.
III. Focusing on promoting the development of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”


Baoshan District shall promote the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in the principle of urban-rural joint development, improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture, ensure continuous increase in rural incomes, promote sustainable rural development, push forward the modernization of structure and system of rural governance to achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration.

To transforming the agricultural development mode, Baoshan district shall comprehensively promote the construction of national modern agricultural demonstration zones, functional areas of grain production and standard vegetable gardens to basically realize agricultural modernization. The district shall also develop efficient planting industry, forestry and fruit industry as well as ecological leisure tourism.


Comprehensively promoting development of eco-agriculture: The district shall focus on the development of resource-saving, environment-friendly and ecological conservation agriculture.


Comprehensively promote the construction of Beautiful Villages: The district shall optimize the spatial layout and public service facilities, focus on the construction of beautiful and livable villages which have distinctive industrial characteristics, beautiful ecological environment and rich cultural heritage. The district shall build more than five municipal Beautiful Villages by 2020. The district shall continue to implement the charity ecological forest plan, promote rural forest network construction to ensure that the district’s forest coverage rate reaches 15.5 percent.  
IV. Accelerating urban and rural infrastructure construction


Baoshan District shall push forward the construction of infrastructure including sewage disposal system, electrical networks and underground spaces, and also realize networking, resource sharing and joint development of rural and urban areas.
V. Improving the mechanism of urban-rural integration development


Baoshan District shall make big breakthrough in break dualistic urban-rural structure, move forward equal exchange of urban and rural production factors and promote balanced allocation of public resources to bring new vigor and vitality into rural development.


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