Baoshan to build an innovative industry system

Deepen the industrial structural adjustment to build an innovative industry system


(13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of Baoshan District, Shanghai)


Innovation is the first drive for development. During the 13th Five-Year period, Baoshan sticks to bring up new capacity growth and advancement of traditional capacity through innovation-driven strategy. The balance between a steady growth and the structural adjustment needs to be taken care of so as to carry forward a structural reform and focus on the problems lying deeper within. Consumption is to play a basic role while investment is to play a key role. Import is still to pull the income. Using the trend of scientific and industrial reform, development transformation and the industrial structure adjustment can speed up to make deepen the comprehensive reform and push forward the mechanism innovation.


I.Insist on scientific innovation’s lead


To follow through the national requirement on the scientific and technological innovation and Shanghai’s “22 rules on scientific innovation”, a benign environment for start-up should be built to attract high-end and compound scientific and technological talents and other resources, thus bringing up the scientific quality and innovative enlightenment in residents. 


The cooperation between the industry, the colleges and the research should be improved to expedite the innovation turnout. Enterprises are encouraged to put more into the research and development and key enterprises are supported to set up engineering technology research centers and other institutions.


Based on Baoshan’s key industries, innovative research institute, industrial technology research institute and the expert workstation and college Technology Park and other cooperation institutions are to be established to promote independent innovation capacity and the outcome for scientific research outcome.


Fields including smart manufacturing featuring robots, new materials featuring grapheme and marine equipment featuring underwater platform should be the focus. Resources home and abroad should be gathered to explore professional, marketized and international ways of organizational framework and operational mode for the combination of the three sectors. The connection between the industry chain and the innovation chain is supposed to incubate a basket of innovative outcomes with international influence and a batch of competent enterprises in the market. By the year 2020, the high-tech industries within the district are set to reach 300.


Optimize the layout for the science and technology innovation. Focus on the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Baohsan Park and build several feature technology towns, a technological innovation circle and the new technological media with local characteristics.


-- Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Baoshan Park: Functional layout for the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Baoshan Park should be optimized while the industry positioning is to be specified. Connection to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park should be stressed; essential reform and innovative policies are prioritized to win over more significant innovation bases, platforms and projects to land In Baoshan. The knowledge intensive and emerging industries and other innovation driven areas should be actively included within the management of the nation’s independent innovation demonstration zone.


--Feature Technology Town: Several technology towns featuring industrial characteristics, complete services, gathering of technology enterprises and innovation energy are to be cultivated. Gaojing is set to develop technology, fund and cartoon, Dachang technology, Gucun robots, heavy duty gas turbine and marine equipment, Yuepu smart manufacturing, Songnan e-commerce, software information and innovative design and Miaohang Internet. Cooperation and communication with Lingang (Caohejing), Jinqiao and other technology parks should be carried out on technology media construction, technological industry market promotion, service improvement and the venture capital fund establishment.


--Shanghai University-based Technological Innovation Circle: Collaboration with Shanghai University should be enhanced to take full advantage of its academic strengths and overflow effect on new material, robotics and cultural innovation. By providing access to key labs and technology service platforms, innovative enterprises, teams and talents should be attracted to start up their business in Baoshan. College technology parks, R&D and industry bases should be built to link the streets correspondingly and to connect the innovation ecological circle and the downstream industry chain.


Implement the intellectual property right strategy. The construction for IPR service platform should be expedited to provide IPR agency, law, information, consulting and training services. Enterprises are supported to establish patent league, share the patent and enhance the use of the patents. The IPR culture should be advocated to raise the social awareness. The infringement of the IPR should be cracked down and the supervision for such behaviors should be enhanced.


II.Upgrade the advanced manufacturing industry


Boost the strategic emerging industry development. To follow through the governmental requirements in Made in China 2025, key areas of high-end smart equipment, new materials, bio-medicine and high performance medical equipment are to be aimed at to guide the gathering of the resources in the district and push forward the advantages and strategic industry development. The construction for China’s Industry and Network Zone should be accelerated. By 2020 production value from the strategic emerging industries (manufacturing included) should take up a quarter of the district’s overall industrial production value.


--High-end smart equipment industry Robot industry should be stressed with the manufacturing and integrated application as the center with component industry coordinated. The application of space information technology and the integration of the ground-air-space network should be boosted. The component industry for the marine engineering equipment should be developed. Auxiliary industry as the components for the luxury cruise should be developed as well. Heavy duty gas turbine R&D and the base construction should be supported. The research, development and manufacturing of the smart grid equipment components and energy storage device should be promoted.


--New material industry The research and industrialization for strategic advanced materials including functional titanium, magnesium and aluminum materials, superconducting materials, nanometer materials, graphene materials should be supported.


--Bio-medicine and high-performance medical equipment industry. The R&D and industrialization for new products such as chemicals, traditional Chinese medicine and bio-technological medicines targeting significant diseases, the mobile medical products that are wearable or are able to provide distanced consultation and 3D bio-printing should be developed.


Upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry. The development for the traditional industries is stressed; the quality and efficiency can be improved with through technologies like the Internet, bug data, cloud computing and the Internet of things.


--Traditional steel trade industry. Combining with the construction of Shanghai’s comprehensive pilot zone for the steel modern service industry the trade platform should be fully used to extend and improve the steel service industry chain.


--Traditional process industry. The enterprises are encouraged and guided to innovate on the technology and to push forward a batch of brand products that are competitive in the market.
--Traditional manufacturing industry. By accessing to the Internet and carrying out reform from inside, the industry should gradually involve with Internet-making sessions to develop new industry chain and value chain. 


Stress on the feature development of the industrial park. Pool the resources for gathering the strengths and optimizing the layout so as to make the five industrial parks the pioneering headquarters for strategic planning and emerging industries.


--Baoshan Industrial Park. The advanced manufacturing industry and emerging industries should be ahead and gradually form the leading industries of smart manufacturing, new materials, energy equipment, etc. Efforts should be made to get breakthrough in the satellite application, electronic information technology, luxurious cruise manufacturing and productive services so as to build a national demonstration zone for new materials and green smart demonstration zone. The cooperation with Jinqiao Development zone should be deepened and the project construction for Shanghai Northern Suburb Future Industrial Park and Biyun Northern Suburban Community should be boosted. The structural adjustment and industrial upgrade should be promoted while the stick land use should be taken multiple use of. The innovation mechanism and platform construction should be expedited to make room for creating a technology industrial park that integrates the hi-tech industry, technology R&D, commercial use, residential housing and ecological environment protection. 


--Baoshan City Industrial Park. Based on the strategic emerging industries of high-end equipment, bio-medicine, new materials, electronic information technology, Shanghai Graphene Industrial Park is positively under construction. Supported by Shanghai University’s knowledge and economic circle and the Nanda area’s ecological service industry, the breakthrough for the headquarter economy, industrial design and hi-tech technology R&D need to be worked on. Commercial real estate economy is to be developed while the residential infrastructure is to be completed to enhance the urban feature in the area and to form a hi-tech industrial park that integrates the industries and the urban development.


--Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics. Focus on the high-end stage of the smart manufacturing equipment industry and introduce the advantage enterprise projects to build up the industrial cluster. Productive service resources like research and design, trade presentation, technological service and financing should be integrated to complete the industry structure and ecosystem. The aviation simulator projects should speed up on the marketization process to make a new industry support.


--Yueyang Industrial Park. Yueyang Industrial Park will further strengthen its metal new material and marine equipment industry, renovate the traditional manufacturing industry and construct an industry system with high technology, high added value and core competence. Yanghang Industrial Park lays emphasis on connecting with advanced park operators and investors home and abroad and constructing an industry cluster featuring modern logistics, smart manufacturing and green production and a comprehensive industrial park with high planning standard and high efficiency.


--Luodian Industrial Park. Actively engaged in promoting the industry development and adjusting the industry structure in the park to build a manufacturing base and feature hi-tech park focusing on bio-medicine and new materials.


III. Spur the modern service industry development


Focus on the upgrade of the key areas in the service industry and put more investment into developing productive service industry. Household service industry is to be carried forward while the emerging service industry is set out to be more innovative. Through the industry fusion and bilateral support, the industry structure in Baoshan is supposed to be optimized.


Development for the productive service industry should be focused. The industrial economic structure should be invested in; the upgrade for the high-end manufacturing services covering the R&D, design, detection and integration with high added value and high technology. Quality for regional industrial economy should be lifted to make productive service industry more professional and extend to higher value. The traditional manufacturing and the service industries should advance with a synergetic pace and bring up the products added value.


--Cruise industry. The functions for the international cruise home-port should be improved. Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal should be constructed to be an industry gathering, reasonably planned and infrastructure-completed home-port with fine ecosystem. In 2017, the port is set to own the capacity to receive 4 ships at the same time and to receive 500 ships in a year. The construction for China’s cruise tourism development pilot zone should be deepened to expand the economic scale and extend the cruise industry chain. For the upstream session, strengthen the cooperation with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, establish the infrastructure industry park for the luxury cruise and develop the design and manufacturing industry. For the middle of the industry chain, cooperate with Royal Caribbean International, Costa, SkySea Cruise Line and others to build a headquarters. For the downstream session, relevant services should keep up and improve on the service levels. Modern cruise industry system should be gradually built integrating cruise service industry, tourism and cruise-based commerce and extending to finance, agency, R&D, training, cultural innovation and fair trade industries. By the year 2020, a total of 20 enterprises as listed above should be added. With the regional and geographical advantages, the district should form the industry cluster for yacht, pleasure-boat and cruise.


--Information service industry. Information service industry including Internet, the Internet of Things and e-commerce should be prioritized and the new industry pattern, new technology and new industries are encouraged. Grabbing the opportunity of developing the industry Internet innovation pilot zone, the mobile Internet industry covering the mobile application, software development and mobile platform service should be developed and to play a bigger role in industry reform and upgrade and social service for people’s livelihood. The construction for the third party e-commerce platform providing for various industries should pace up. Innovation on the application is encouraged to explore new business mode based on big data and cloud computing service.


--Financial service industry. Focusing on the industrial finance, Shanghai’s fund for the innovation and business start-up is to bring social capital including angel investment fund, start-up fund and industrial investment to come to Baoshan. The plan to introduce investment should consider the capital as well as the knowledge so as to form a finance chain. The privately-owned banks, securities services, insurance agency, consumption finance, credit-soliciting service and finance information service should be positively introduced to complete the financial institution system and stimulate financial innovation. Various regional financial risks should be resolved to secure the regional financial safety.


--Energy saving and environment-protection industry. The R&D should be boosted stressing the energy-saving products and devices, the energy saving technology and the key technology development in energy-saving industries. The service in this section should be lifted to cultivate the leading enterprises with comprehensive environment services and push forward the construction for Shanghai’s Energy Saving and Environment Protection Park. Environment consultancy, environment pollution liability insurance, environment investment and financing, environment training, clean production appraisal and consultancy service and environment-friendly products certification industry should be promoted. Emerging industries including the environment inspection and the examination, risk and damage assessment, environment audit, emission right trade should be expedited in development. The recycled use and environment restoration technology should be developed and provided.


--Modern logistics industry. Efforts should be made to develop the third party logistics. Modern logistics like e-commerce chain operation should be encouraged and bring up a batch of local logistics brands. It is to be enhanced the logistics’ influence in the region and the industry’s operation control capacity. The logistics directed for the enterprises’ supply chain should be developed, as well as for the supply chain procurement and inventory-delivery logistics that integrates the e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.


Accelerate the life service industry. Based on the requirements to coordinate the development for the industry and the city, new livelihood service industry modes can be brought up with the modern finance and information technology. The layout for the infrastructure and the functions of the public service platform should be improved to make the life service industry more detailed, diversified and with higher quality.


--Tourism. The construction for a national standard tourism demonstration should be highlighted to improve the tourism quality, promote the tourism image and product development. The integration for the business, tourism, culture and environment should be integrated to cultivate tourism in Luodian, Gucun and the eco-tourism zone Luojing. Luojing Town can promote tourism featuring cruise, ecology, old towns, business, culture and shopping. Tourism brands can be brought up and public service in the sector can be improved. The destination can be built into one with a feature spot of cruise in the northern part of Shanghai.


--Business service industry. The development for the business service industry should be positively expanded to gather resources and promote the industry level. High end business feature and business estate economy should be developed to attract the headquarters of management, investment, research, marketing, procurement and settlement to land in Baoshan. The headquarters industry chain can be extended to bring influence. E-commerce can be actively developed to push forward the upgrade for the traditional trade.


--Health service industry. Based on individual and family and the media of community, the health service industry should be marketized and industrialized to hit the market. The construction for the medical service system can be expedited to promote high-end, specialized, rehabilitation and nursery medical service. The consumption need can be guided to flow from the single treatment to the disease prevention, heath-preservation and health-promotion type. 


Complete the business development plan. Overall business mode should be taken care of to optimize the business service environment and diversify the business system.


--The middle to high-end business layout should be reasonably arranged: the urban compound that fits into modern city’s consumption upgrade should be developed to distribute shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets to establish the image that can represents the northern part of Shanghai and the new life space that has the new urban functions. The key business gatherings of Songbao, Gongkang and Zhonghuan North should be highlighted with Songbao to be improved with the business capacity, Gongkang to be upgraded and Zhonghuan North to be added with the business function. The business areas of Gucun, Luodian, Yanghang, Yixian and Shanghai University should also be covered in the plan.


--Innovate on the community business development: adapting to the online consumption in the time of the Internet and develop chain convenience stores, wet markets and mini markets in the neighborhood. Relevant facilities should be set up to serve for daily needs for every 20,000-40,000 residents. Consumption supply should be innovated to expand the channel to provide services to the residents. The business facilities are essential for local residential communities. A total of 10-15 such community centers should be set up by 2020.


--Expedite the development for the feature business mode: through regional feature resources, the consumption experience stores, cultural innovation stores, duty-free stores and brand flagship stores can be distributed in the district. Bring up e-commerce and imported commodity distribution center to cover the international as well as domestic markets. The Wusong International Cruise Port should be boosted while the old industrial area should be transformed. The business, tourism, cultural and sports experiment consumption areas can be set up in the rural areas.   


Promote the co-development of the three railway lines. The transport capacity should be largely improved through the construction of Line 1, 3 and 7 and promote the co-development along the lines.


--Line 1: based on the advantage to develop Shanghai National Hi-tech Service Industrial Park, Baoshan Wanda Plaza, Greenland’s Xinduhui, Boji Park and other projects should be integrated. The business land lot along Yanghang should lay emphasis on e-commerce, mobile Internet and the combination of the Internet and the logistics to develop a belt for national technology Internet development. 


--Line 3: through the advantage to develop Fudan Hi-tech Industrial Base, Shanghai Mobile Internet Innovation Park, Fudan Software Park, Changjiang Software Park and Qilifang Technology Park can be brought together to build a base to combine production, research and learning. The emerging industry base, the innovation incubator, the talent pool and the innovation service base can be constructed to develop industry Internet, Internet finance, cloud computing, industrial design and the combination of the Internet and steel to develop a belt for Fudan Hi-tech industry development.  


--Line 7: through the brand of National Cultural Innovation Industry Demonstration Zone, Baoshan Tech Park, Shanghai International R&D Base and Gucun Park should be pooled together to develop big data, Internet entertainment and health medicine to develop a belt for cultural technology Internet.


Innovate to bring up the platform economy. As a pilot zone to develop the domestic trade circulation development, the foreign trade should be used to develop the “Internet + circulation” platform and to innovate on the transaction method. Foreign as well as domestic markets are to be expanded to integrate the industry and service chain and to support the transform of traditional commodity market. A batch of products, service trade center and platform enterprises with international influence and competence at home and abroad should be brought up. Bulk trade platform especially on steel and lumber, individualized consumption platform and third-party cross-border e-commerce platform can be developed to form national competence and influence. Municipal level industry platforms should be added at least 10 more by the year 2020.  


IV. Promote the adjustment and reform in the key areas


Promote the construction for the Nanda Eco-area. A comprehensive development should be carried out, including the core zone, the second the third phase of greening in the project and the core roads. The core functioning zone construction should be initiated. The construction for Line 15 and along Line 15 should be integrated and domestic as well as foreign institutions should be introduced to initiate the construction for the core area. The business zone should bring in the key advantage industries with strengthened efforts. Industries and the features should be brought in. The information technology, mobile Internet, satellite application, mobile medicine, bio 3D printing and medical e-commerce should be connected and be supportive in building Baoshan’s new image and industries, with the relevant business infrastructure set up. An eco-business zone should be built with a coordinated development for the industries and people’s livelihood to reach a win-win outcome. The environment should be improved. The urban environment should be improved by setting more green lands and green corridors. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, a functional zone featuring multiple functions, fine environment and harmonious neighborhood should be primarily established.


Overall reform for Wusong Industrial Area can be initiated. A three-layered planning system of strategic planning, structural planning and detailed planning should be formed to start the land lot transformation. The development positioning should be determined. The strategic positioning and development goal should be made clear for Wusong Industrial Area, achieving the switch from heavy industry to innovation, the productive services to functional services and single industrial function to comprehensive urban function. Brand new functions should be cultivated. Borrowing from the experience of traditional industrial zones switching in the world, including the switching paths, the innovation planning and development, the district should introduce leading and functional international projects to bring compound functions in the region. Five functions should be laid emphasis on: the cultural innovation, the platform innovation, R&D planning, comprehensive services and low-carbon demonstration. The industry development should be guided. The chains of industry, innovation and resources should be attracted to develop information technology, industry Internet and energy-saving environmental friendly industries. The industrial cluster and the eco space should be brought together to create an innovation city with high-end resources and emerging industries.

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