Baoshan regional industrial distribution

One Belt-Riverside cruise industry development belt


The belt seized the brand advantages of “China Cruise Tourism Development Experiment Zone” and “Shanghai International Cruise Industry Development Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone” to position itself as the first-class international cruise home port in East Asia, the key functional carrier of Shanghai’s efforts to become an international shipping center and the nesting zone for tourism and leisure in north Shanghai. The belt will chiefly develop cruise services, cruise tourism, cruise commerce as well as extension services such as culture creative industries, convention and exhibition trading industries in a brand-new municipal modern service industry layout of “Disneyland in the east, DreamWorks in the south, Greater Hongqiao hub in the west and cruise city in the north”.

Three lines-Metro Lines 1, 3 and 7 are development axis of modern service industry


The district will rely on the 30 stations of the Metro Lines 1, 3 and 7 in Baoshan to speed up development of comprehensive service industry projects along the lines and around these stations to realize the layout of modern service industry as reaching all places in the district, nesting at certain places and interconnected along the lines in the district.


Metro Line 1’s seven stations in Baoshan District will seize the brand opportunity of “Shanghai National Hi-tech Services Key Incubation Park” (Shanghai Intelligence Industry Park) to build a hi-tech service industry belt along Metro Line 1 integrating projects such as Baoshan Wanda Plaza, Greenland New Metropolis, Shanghai Mobile Business Industry Park (Xinlu International Building and Urban Xinhui Business Building), Bojitang Hall Pharmaceutical, Shanghai International Online Shopping Center Industry Park, North Bund-Rim Information Industry Park and Shanghai Wedding Center. This belt’s positioning is a comprehensive modern services nesting zone, focusing on development of e-commerce services, IT services, international and domestic companies’ service outsourcing industries, community’s public services and comprehensive commerce and trade industries, which will help to improve the city’s comprehensive service development axis.


Metro Line 3’s ten stations in Baoshan District will seize the brand opportunity of “Fudan Hi-tech Industry Base” to build a Fudan Hi-tech industry belt integrating projects such as Gaojing Fudan Software Park, Shanghai Yangtze Software Park, Shanghai Mobile Internet Innovation Industry Park, Shanghai International Design Center China, Elite Valley, COSCO Motor Services and Shanghai Baosteel Logistics Business District. This belt’s positioning is a base for industry, learning, research and development, emerging industry base, innovation and incubation base, talent nesting base and innovation service base, focusing on development of IT services with mobile Internet applications, software designs, cloud-computing services, Internet of Things services as its features, as well as industrial design services, energy-saving and environmental services and automobile life services in a professional service industry belt.


Metro Line 7’s 13 stations in Baoshan District will seize the brand opportunity of “national culture creative industry demonstration base” (Shanghai Animation and Comics Derivatives Industry Zone) to build a culture, science and technology and tourism industry belt integrating advantaged carrier resources such as Shanghai Baoshan Science and Technology Park, Shanghai International Research and Development Headquarters Base, Shanghai Wood Culture Expo Park, Haibao Demonstration Park, Gucun Park, Wendao Park and Meilan Lake. This belt’s positioning is culture and creative industry with animation and comics’ derivatives industry, mobile Internet industry and big data industry as its leading industries. This belt will become a culture, science and technology and tourism development belt focusing science and technology industries with Beidou Satellite navigation, smart science and technology, biomedicine as the core as well as tourism and leisure industry with ecological leisure, industrial tourism, agriculture tourism and religious culture tourism as its major contents.

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